Getting to know us, getting to know all about us

BPOD Salon & Spa established in 2015, is a company proud to be different in the UAE. We aim to challenge the conventional, redefine what is pretty and beautiful by allowing for creativity to take over (outrageous, subtle, elegant - you decide). We believe in indiviuality. We're dreamers, but above all we're a family of dreamers.

We are BPOD.

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BPOD aims to be a one-stop shop for women, ranging from hairstyling to waxing, we do it all. 

Au Natural

To reflect real beauty, we try our best to provide organic, less-harmful products that makes your skin glow and your hair sing.

We talk hair. On or off.

With the skin sensitive Lycon wax products, getting the deed done is no longer a dreaded experience.